Gosse Bouma: Enhanced Universal Dependencies and its relationship to HPSG

Abstract: On the relationship between (Enhanced) Universal Dependencies and Phrase Structure Grammar

Recent work on neural parsing using pre-trained language models has shown that accurate dependency parsing requires very little supervision, and no induction of grammar rules in the traditional sense. We show that this even holds for dependency annotation that goes beyond labeled edges between word tokens, and that is able to capture much of the same information as that of richer phrase based models such as HPSG. Second, we show that dependency parsing can  still benefit from a combination with phrase based syntax, not unlike that of HPSG, and that such combinations might be readily available for many of the treebanks in the UD corpus.




Displaying times of talks and scheduling talks and QA sessions

We now found a way to display the times of talks according to the time zone of the person viewing the program. We just enter the program in a normal calendar and use a wordpress plugin to display the calendar. ICS Calendar is a good plugin that can be configured to output a list of events with the associated time.

Another issue is how to start the conference. We decided to put a full invited talk first and schedule the other invited talks, which have prerecorded videos, for the other two days.