The TRALE System (Standalone Version for Linux)

Parts of this description are outdated. If you want to use this standalone version, please contact me.

Here you may download a standalone version of the TRALE System (version of June 13, 2017) for the operating system Linux. If you do not use Linux, you may use the Grammix CD Rom. The version of the Trale system that is downloadable here is not an official release. For an official release, please contact the principle investigators Frank Richter, Detmar Meurers, and Gerald Penn.

  1. Save the file standalone-trale.tbz on your hard disk.
  2. Unpack the files at some place. For instance:
    cd ~
    tar pxjvf standalone-trale.tbz
  3. Set a symbolic link from a directory in your search path to trale and grisu.
    cd ~/bin
    ln -s ~/standalone-trale/trale
    ln -s ~/standalone-trale/grisu
  4. Now you can use trale -a -x -g -c Path/to/a/grammar/theory to load a grammar in the directory Path/to/a/grammar/theory. If you want to load a grammar that uses Unicode encoding (Chinese, Hindi and all text book grammars), you have to use the option -u in addition to the options mentioned above.
  5. Please find more information regarding TRALE in the manual, which is also contained in standalone-trale.tbz.
  6. For grisu to find the icons you have to set the variable GRISU_RESOURCE_PATH. The value has to be a path that points to the directory that contains the icons. The following code shows how this would look like for the user max if he uses a tcsh:
    setenv GRISU_RESOURCE_PATH "$HOME/standalone-trale/pics/"
  7. For viewing signatures and type hierarchies you have to install the Graphviz package.
  8. If you want to use a chart display that was developed by the DFKI GmbH, you need a licence, which is free for non-comercial use. Please write an EMail to Stephan Busemann in which you inform him that you will use the chart display with Trale.

    After doing so, you may download the chart display code and install it as follows:

    cd ~/standalone-trale/
    tar xjvf ~/chart.tbz
    You have to install packages for TCL/TK to run the chart display.

(This page is supposed to be integrated into the TRALE page.)