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Übung: Grammatik-Implementation

Beginn: 17.04.2007 Di, 13:15
VAK: ???, 4. FS BA, Modul CL1, Symbolische Sprachverarbeitung
Magister: Sprachtheorie und Grammatik/Computerlinguistik [§ 6 (2) 4b) MPO 2000] (ECTS: 5)

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Course Description

Participants of this course will learn how to implement HPSG grammars using the TRALE system, which is currently used by various researchers to develop grammars for German, Danish, Persian, English, French, Polish, Maltese, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese.

The course participants will work in lab sessions on grammars of German and modify and extend them. The grammars capture morphological, syntactic, and semantic phenomena. Advanced participants can work on grammars for languages of their choice.

Lexical entries for individual verbs will be written and descriptions of certain verb classes will be formulated, constraints for agreement (subject verb agreement) are introduced into the grammar and analyzes for adjuncts and complements will be developed. Generalizations over lexical entries will be captured by introducing lexical rules and classifying lexical items and using macros for the description of lexical items.


Demo of an HPSG Grammar of German


  • Slides (in pdf-Format zum Lesen am Bildschirm, 6.2M)
  • Handout (pdf-Format 4up zum Ausdrucken, 2.7M)


You may download the virtual machine Grammix, which contains the TRALE system (an operating system with virtualization software), text book example gramamrs, and the [incr TSDB()] system for industrial strength grammar profiling. An alternative is the Standalone Version of TRALE, which can be used under Linux.


Materialien von Detmar Meurers zum Thema Grammatikentwicklung:

Excercise Sheets

Frederik Fouvry, Stephan Oepen, Ann Copestake, Dan Flickinger and Rob Malouf developed similar courses for developing grammars for English with the LKB System. I adapted their material to German and TRALE (Morphology and case; constituent order: fronting (V2), verb movement, scrambling).

Grammatik 1 Übung 1 (Version 27.05.2020)
Grammatik 2 Übung 2 (Version 27.05.2020)
Grammatik 3 Übung 3 (Version 17.04.2020)
Grammatik 4 Übung 4 (Version 17.04.2020)
Grammatik 5 Übung 5 (Version 22.06.2020)
Grammatik 6 Übung 6 (Version 08.06.2021)
Grammatik 7 Übung 7 (Version 28.06.2020)
Grammatik 8 Übung 8 (Version 17.04.2020)
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