HPSG handbook

We are developing a handbook on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG). It will appear in the Language Science Press series Empirically Oriented Theoretical Morphology and Syntax.


  • Anne Abeillé, Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7,
  • Robert D. Borsley, University of Essex,
  • Jean-Pierre Koenig, University of Buffalo,
  • Stefan Müller, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin


Papers due 31.07.2018, we would be happy to get them earlier since we do have to do some reading, commenting and integration.
  • 15.03.2018 Outline of the papers (explain what you do, which topics you cover)
  • 31.07.2018 papers due
  • 31.07.2018–
    • We work on your papers, comment, syncronize
    • Review of chapters by at least two authors of other chapters
  • 01.08–31.11.2018 Revisions of chapters by authors
The book should be finished by the end of 2018.

Styles and fromatting rules

Please stick to the Language Science Press Styles. LaTeX submissions are preferred. If you have to use Word, please use the Language Science Press templates.


  • Introduction
    • Basic properties and elements (Bob Borsley and Anne Abeillé)
    • The evolution of HPSG (Dan Flickinger, Tom Wasow, and Carl Pollard)
    • Formal background (Frank Richter)
    • The nature and role of the lexicon in HPSG (Jean-Pierre Koenig, Antony Davis)
    • Understudied languages (Doug Ball, Aron Broadwell)
  • Syntactic phenomena
    • Agreement (Steve Wechsler)
    • Case (Adam Przepiórkowski)
    • Argument structure and linking (Jean-Pierre Koenig, Steve Wechsler, Antony Davis)
    • Constituent order (Stefan Müller)
    • Clitics (Berthold Crysmann, Gerald Penn)
    • Complex predicates (Danièle Godard, Pollet Samvelian)
    • Coordination (Anne Abeillé, Rui Chaves)
    • Unbounded dependencies (Berthold Crysmann, Bob Borsley)
    • Island phenomena and related matters (Rui Chaves)
    • Idioms (Manfred Sailer)
    • Relative clauses (Doug Arnold and Danièle Godard)
    • Control and raising (Anne Abeillé)
    • Negation (Jong-Bok Kim)
    • Ellipsis (Joanna Nykiel, Jong-Bok Kim)
    • Binding (António Branco)
  • Other levels of description
    • Phonology (Jesse Tseng)
    • Morphology (Berthold Crysmann)
    • Semantics (Jean-Pierre Koenig, Frank Richter)
    • Information structure (Kordula De Kuthy)
    • Pragmatics and dialogue semantics (Andy Lücking, Jonathan Ginzburg, Robin Cooper)
  • Other areas of linguistics
    • Diachronic Linguistics (Ulrike Demske)
    • Acquisition (Jonathan Ginzburg)
    • Processing (Tom Wasow)
    • Computational linguistics and Language Engineering (Emily Bender + ??)
    • Sign languages (Markus Steinbach and Anke Holler)
    • Gesture (Andy Lücking)
  • The broader picture
    • HPSG and Minimalism (Bob Borsley, Stefan Müller)
    • HPSG and Categorial Grammar (Yusuke Kubota)
    • HPSG and Lexical Functional Grammar (Doug Arnold)
    • HPSG and Dependency Grammar (Dick Hudson)
    • HPSG and Construction Grammar (Stefan Müller)