Course Material for Languages and Theories in Contrast: Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG)

This course will be part of the PhD School Languages and Theories in Contrast in Bergen.

Slides & Handouts

  • Constituent Order (Version of December 02, 2005, 11:45)
    • Slides (in pdf format for viewing, 740K)
    • Handouts (in pdf format for printing (4up), 360K)

  • Case and Passive (Version of December 02, 2005, 11:46)
    • Slides (in pdf format for viewing, 629K)
    • Handouts (in pdf format for printing (4up), 319K)

  • Complex Predicates (Version of December 04, 2005, 16:42)
    • Slides (in pdf format for viewing, 724K)
    • Handouts (in pdf format for printing (4up), 373K)


Papers Mentioned During the Course/Discussion

Other Resources

  • The Grammix CD Rom: A bootable CD Rom that contains the Trale system and implementations of grammars that cover the phenomena discussed in the course. In addition it contains German slides and the German text book and the Babel System.
  • Grammar fragments: The grammar fragments that are also on the Grammix CD Rom.
  • Standalone Version of Trale for Linux: If you run Linux and do not want to use Grammix, you may use this standalone system.
  • The Babel System: An implementation of a German HPSG grammar and a parser. Babel is also part of the Grammix CD-Rom.
    (Danger! The analyses partly differ from those described in the course material. The system implements a linearization analysis.)