HPSG 2013

Workshop Progress in Linguistics

Tuesday, 27.08.2013, FU Berlin, Habelschwerdter Allee 45, Seminarzentrum, Room: L 113

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from various theoretical camps and discuss their frameworks and how they contribute to progress in linguistics. Topics can be either meta considerations on research organization in subparts of (theoretical) linguistics or in (theoretical) linguistics as such or specific case studies of phenomena and/or specific projects.

9:30–9:40 Stefan Müller:Introduction
9:40–10:20 Artemis Alexiadou (Uni Stuttgart, Minimalism, Distributed Morphology):Where's morphology? Taking stock
10:20–11:00 Gereon Müller (Uni Leipzig, Minimalism):Derivational Syntax: Arguments and Challenges
11:00–11:30 Break
11:30–12:10 Peter Culicover (Ohio State University, Simpler Syntax):Simpler Syntax and explanation
12:10–12:50 Andreas Pankau (Uni Frankfurt/Main, Arc-Pair Grammar):Arc-Pair Grammar and extraction: unbounded dependencies and grammatical relations
12:50–14:00 Lunch
14:00–14:40 Tibor Kiss (Ruhr Universität Bochum, Free Style):Gauging the progress in linguistics (Gedanken ohne Inhalt sind leer, Anschauungen ohne Begriffe sind blind.)
14:40–15:20 Anatol Stefanowitsch (FU Berlin, CxG, Data-intensive Corpus Linguistics):Usage, grammar and stochastic cryptotypes
15:20–15:50 Break
15:50–16:30 Nigel Vincent (University of Manchester, LFG):Before and between theories
16:30–17:10 Stefan Müller (FU Berlin, HPSG):Some Remarks on the State of the Field and on Ways to Ensure Progress: Description, Analysis, Formalization, Implementation
17:10–17:40 All together now:Discussion chaired by Doug Arnold
18:30–00:10 Workshop DinnerLuise