Zur Analyse der deutschen Satzstruktur

Author: Stefan Müller

Subject Areas: Nontransformational syntax of German, Mutiple Frontings, Constituent Order, HPSG

Title: Zur Analyse der deutschen Satzstruktur

This article appeared 2005 in Linguistische Berichte, 201, pages 3–39.

This article deals with the analysis of the German clause structure. The following aspects are discussed:

  • Verb last vs. verb initial sentences,
  • fronting of constituents in verb second sentences,
  • verbal complexes and Incomplete Category Fronting.
The analysis presented here is the only HPSG analysis that explains the constituent order facts and that is compatible with the analysis of multiple constituents infront of the finite verb that is suggested in Müller, 2005.

The analysis is part of an implemented fragment of German.

Version that appears in Linguistischen Berichte: