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Zur Analyse der scheinbar mehrfachen Vorfeldbesetzung

Author: Stefan Müller

Subject Areas: Nontransformational syntax of German, Mutiple Frontings, Constituent Order, HPSG

Title: Zur Analyse der scheinbar mehrfachen Vorfeldbesetzung

This article appeared in 2005 in Linguistischen Berichte 203, pages 297–330.

The data discussion appeared 2003 in Deutsche Sprache, 31(1), pages 29–62.

In this paper I show that in German multiple constituents can be fronted although German is usually regarded a verb second language. I develop an HPSG analysis that treats the fronted constituents as one unit that is related to a verb in the main sentence.

Since the analysis is rather complex having a look at the slides may help, since parts of the analysis are supressed or highlighted in the presentation, which makes things more readable.

The analysis is part of an implemented Fragment of German (Grammar for Chapter 15). This grammar is also part of the Grammix CD Rom.

Version that appeared in Linguistischen Berichte: