Stefan Müller » Publications » Beschränkungen für Mehrfache Vorfeldbesetzung

Beschränkungen für die scheinbar mehrfache Vorfeldbesetzung im Deutschen

Authors: Stefan Müller, Felix Bildhauer, Philippa Cook

Subject Areas: German Syntax, Mutiple Frontings

2012 in Colette Cortès (Ed), Satzeröffnung. Formen, Funktionen, Strategien, Eurogermanistik Nr. 31, Tübingen: Stauffenburg Verlag, pages 113–128.

This paper briefly sketches the syntactic analysis of apparently multiple frontings (MF), which was explained in more detail in Müller, 2005. Although the syntax of this phenomenon is rather clear, the specific information structural constraints on such frontings were unknown due to the lack of data of this rare phenomenon. We put together a large database containing examples of MFs and the context they appear in. Exploring the data we could find three patterns of MFs, which are discussed in the paper.

Apart from this we present the results of a corpus study that compares multiple frontings with the fronting of a VP. The evalutaion of the data showed that item-specific information plays a role, which supports grammar models that allow for item-specific effects.