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Default Inheritance and Derivational Morphology

Author: Stefan Müller

Subject Areas: derivational morphology, inheritance, defaults, Construction Grammar, HPSG, resultative construction

This paper appeared in 2017 in Wieling, Martijn, Martin Kroon, Gertjan van Noord and Gosse Bouma (Eds): From Semantics to Dialectometry: Festschrift in Honor of John Nerbonne, Tributes 32, College Publications, 253–262.

Goldberg (1995) argues that the resultative construction should be treated as a phrasal construction. Proponents of Construction Grammar capture generalizations regarding Constructions in inheritance hierarchies. One problem with Goldbergs approach is that resultative constructions (in German) interact with derivational morphology. In order to capture this Goldberg had to show how derivational morphology can be modeled in iheritance hierarchies. Michaelis and Ruppenhofer (2001) also suggested an inheritance based approach to derivational morphology.

Krieger and Nerbonne (1993) showed that simple inheritance does not suffice to do derivation since recursion cannot be modelled properly. In this paper, I show that some effects that are needed to do derivational morphology in an inheritance-based approach that uses defaults can indeed be achieved. But I also show that this comes at a very high cost.

Draft of February 10, 2017: