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Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar

Authors: Stefan Müller and Antonio Machicao y Priemer

Keywords: HPSG

Müller, Stefan & Antonio Machicao y Priemer. 2019. Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar. In András Kertész, Edith Moravcsik, & Csilla Rákosi (Eds): Current approaches to syntax: A comparative handbook, 317–360. Berlin: de Gruyter Mouton.

The editors of the volume asked proponents of various current linguistic frameworks to write overviews containing sections on data, on goals, basic tools and evaluation of a successful theory. A shared task is to analyze the following sentence:

  1. After Mary introduced herself to the audience, she turned to a man that she had met before.
Analyzing this sentence involves the following phenomena:
  • valence
  • constituent structure
  • adjunction/modification
  • raising
  • case assignment
  • nonlocal dependencies
  • relative clauses
  • pronoun binding
Apart from that I explain scrambling and the analysis of the passive.

The sentence is analyzed in the framework of Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar. The analysis is implemented and the respective fragment is available. Please click the sentences to inspect the trees and semantic representations. You may click on individual nodes in the trees to unfold and fold the feature descriptions. Boxes with numbers are also clickable.

The grammar code will be part of the next release of the Grammix virtual machine.

Draft of 30.01.2019 © Stefan Müller and Antonio Machicao y Priemer (not transfered to publisher):