Title: Relative Clauses in HPSG

Lecturer: Stefan Müller


The course will introduce the key concepts of Pollard and Sag (1994) and will focus on basic parts of the HPSG theory.

There will be lectures about the general setup of the theory (feature structure descriptions, types, multiple inheritance, valence representation), nonlocal dependencies with a discussion of the formal devices to introduce them (traces, immedeate dominance rules, lexical rules, slash amalgamation), and relative clauses. The last lecture will discuss a special type of relative clauses namely relative clauses without an overt antecedent element: so-called free relative clauses.

Prerequisites: Some knowledge of phrase structure grammar.


Monday 25.03.2002 11:00

Tuesday 26.03.2002 11:00

Thursday 28.03.2002 11:00

Course material (version of September 28, 2003):

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