Germanic syntax

Author: Stefan Müller

Key Words: Germanic, V2, valency, scrambling, adjunct, verbal complex, passive, clause type, expletive, HPSG Light

Müller, Stefan. 2023. Germanic syntax: A constraint-based view (Textbooks in Language Sciences 12). Berlin: Language Science Press. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.7733033.

This book provides an overview of the syntax of the Germanic languages. The analyses are provided in the framework of HPSG Light, which is a simplified version of HPSG.


  1. A general overview of the Germanic languages
  2. Phenomena
  3. Phrase structure grammars and X-theory
  4. Valence, argument order and adjunct placement
  5. The verbal complex
  6. Verb position: Verb first and verb second
  7. Passive
  8. Clause types and expletives


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