There aren't many hotels in the Keihanna region. We recommend the Keihanna Plaza Hotel. It is within walking distance of the HPSG-2008 conference location (ATR).

For people staying further away, there is a convenient bus running from Shin-Hosono Station.

There is a list of other hotels (located further from the conference) at the bottom of this page.

To make your reservation at the Keihanna Plaza hotel please email the following information to

I will be participating in HPSG-2008/DELPHIN-2008 and would like to make a
reservation for a hotel room.

Home Address:

Telephone Number:
Email Address:
Name of Institution:

Room Type:      Single/Twin
Arrival Date:   2008-0?-??
Departure Date: 2008-0?-??

The hotel should then email you back.

Their full contact information is:

Tel: 0774-95-0101 (Japan +81)
Fax: 0774-95-0102 (Japan +81)

Other Hotels

All hotels are in Nara city (about 21 minutes from JR Nara station to JR Hosono station or about 16 minutes from Shin-Omiya station on Kintetsu Nara line to Shin-Hosono station). The information about these hotels (following the links) is mainly in Japanese! Shin'Omiya station is more convenient than JR Nara Station.
Hotel name Price (yen) Location Comments
Nara Royal Hotel from 9,500 JR Nara, shuttle to Kintetsu Nara station Can access Internet
Super Hotel Nara from 4,980 Shin-Omiya station Free Internet access
Nara Super Hotel Ekimae from 4,980 JR Nara station English web page; The cheapest hotel
Hotel Half Time from 6,825 Shin-Omiya station English web page; Can use IC card by a public telephone

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