• Author: Stefan Müller (Freie Universität Berlin)
  • Status: completed
  • License: Lesser General Public License For Linguistic Resources
  • Download: tar file (tgz) Version of September 30, 2014, size: 11K
  • System: TRALE (grammar is part of the Grammix CD-ROM)
  • Framework: Sign-Based Construction Grammar (SBCG)
  • Test suite: Just two sentences, see test_items.pl.
  • Phenomena/Documentation: This grammar just covers the two sentences The man laughs. and The man sees the man.. The purpose of this toy grammar is to show that Sign-Based Construction Grammar can be implemented in TRALE, that is, that it is possible to have a MOTHER feature and special types for constructions that are not signs themselves.

    I do not find the MOTHER feature useful. Infact I think it makes everything uneccessarily complicated (Müller & Wechsler, 2014), but since Remi van Trijp claimed that it is not obvious how to implement SBCG for computers, I did this littel proof of concept. The details can be found in the chapter on Construction Grammar in Müller (2014, Section