Preposed sentence adverbials in Danish, with a special emphasis on negation: an HPSG Approach

Bjarne ├śrsnes (Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin)

In embedded clauses the base position of the negation (and other proposition-related adverbials) in Danish is between the subject and the finite verb as illustrated below.

 hvis  det  ikke er for sent,  vil  jeg gerne deltage
 if    it   not  is too late   will I   like  to.participate
However, in certain contexts the negation may occur between the complementizer and the subject:
hvis ikke det er for sent, vil  jeg gerne deltage
if   not  it  is too late  will I   like  to.parcipate
This phenomenon has hitherto primarily been studied in the context of negation but corpus studies show that it applies to a wde range of sentence adverbials and even inherently negated quantificational phrases. In the talk I will discuss the constraints on this particular construction, the scope of the preposed sentence adverbs as well as the epistemic implicatures associated with the preposed sentence adverb. The analysis will be within the frame-work of HPSG.